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Ello all

2009-09-23 14:16:39 by Aeris


I got a new URL from dear ol' Fulp, so from now on, TestSubjectA is no more, it's now Aeris. :]


So as most of you probably have already heard, I got some new equipment, and I'm sure you all can tell that I'm raping the hell out of it with my newest submissions (submissions with the cello face CD Label are done using this gear). It's EastWest btw.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm personally starting to get a little tired of everybody using EW gear and making the charts in seconds. So, I'm trying my best to take a perspective that utilizes this software in a unique, new, and powerful way.

On another note, I was browsing through my music, checking on reviews and such, when I come across Silk Road and as I browse down, I notice that "users who like this, also like I LIKE YOUR HAT... It's a good song, don't get me wrong, just a little..... opposite haha.

So.... I'm feeling peckish, what's your favorite fast food restaurant? x3;


Ello all


2009-08-03 15:57:56 by Aeris

So, my work with Connor Berge and Envisageworks has been completed, now i'm eagerly awaiting for the released.

The Promo video for the package of "High quality music compositions, sound effects, and video effects" has been released today, I'll post the link as soon as I get it :D

Here's a link to the website if you feel like taking a gander:

Envisage Movie Works


So the Promo video was released :D

Audio Elite is the title of the product :3

We currently have a loose release date of August 18th :D


Best review eva

2009-04-24 00:30:13 by Aeris

From Gravey1 on Glass Shards:

This is amazingly epic, and purely cinematic. It has the strength of a grown man, yet the innocence of a child. The wisdom of an elder, yet the tenderness of a young mother. The pure emotion in this piece is simply stunning on all level possible.

I sit back, and I listen for the third time. There are children playing in a field, while their grandfather watches on from the home. The landscape is green with life, and vibrant colors fill the eyes.

The scent of flowers and pollen fills my nose and I take in this beautiful spring afternoon. The children play, oblivious to the constant turning of the earth. Time stands still for them, but grandfather knows better.

His time on this earth is limited. So it is with a sad heart that he takes in this beautiful day with his family, possibly soon to be his last. Sadness fills his heart, along with many other emotions.

He feels pride for his son. Grandfather taught him well, and made a good man out of him. The family is in safe hands for the future, and nothing could make the old man prouder.

Love, for everyone he has known in his life. Family, friends, lovers, even mere acquaintances met in passing. There are so many faces, yet so few names. So many reasons to sit back and realize how truly wonderful and fulfilling this life has been.

And of course the sadness. The longing to fix so many missed opportunities. Although his life has been rich in countless way, he can not sit and think that there were not things he wishes he could go back and change.

But all of these emotions are pushed aside as he refocuses on his grandchildren. The family dog has joined them in a jubilant game of fetch. It is their favorite game to play with their canine pal, and it never ceases to amaze grandfather how much they truly enjoy the sport.

All of a sudden clouds arise, a storm is approaching. No bother, grandfather calls the children and family pet inside where they all have a warm cup of tea and watch the rain. It has turned into a lazy afternoon for the family, as outdoor activities have been suspended. All the better for grandfather.

He decides to take this time to really show the children one last time how much they mean to him. He gives the grandchildren a gift each. For the boy, a lovely watch. It is round and gold plated. The boy holds it up and swings it back and forth by it's chain. He could not be happier. Grandfather embraces the child for a long moment.

Then he gives the granddaughter her gift. It is a silver bracelet, with her name inscribed on the back of it. It shines metalic in the light coming from the fireplace. It is the exact bracelet she saw in the store a week before, and begged mother to get for her.

Sadly, they did not have the money to spend. But grandfather always pulls through for his special little Abigail. With eyes as round as apples she springs onto grandfather and wraps her arms around him. A tear comes to his eyes as he hold her tight to his chest.

As the children are mesmerized by their gifts, grandfather stands and moves into the kitchen. Mother and father get up and quietly follow. It is at this tme that grandfather bares his soul.

Tears flow freely from his face as he recalls the many shortcomings in his life. From his failed first marriage, to the loss of his first daughter in a car accident. Personal sacrifices he has made through the years nobody even knew of roll from the tip of his tongue. He can't even control it now, completely consumed by the swirl of emotions consuming him.

And as abruptly as he began, grandfather is finished. He looks up at his daughter-in-law with love in his eyes. Then turns to his son and beams with pride, tears welling up in his eyes yet again. Despite all of his shortcomings and mistakes, he did well for those he loved in his life. And it is with this resolve, that he gathers himself and moves towards his bedroom.

He tells everyone goodnight, and kisses the grandchildren on their foreheads. For he knows, this is his last night. Never, to wake again.

5/5 and 10/10


Thanks Gravey ^^ you're superspecialawesome


So i was gonna make a cool image thingy here with glass and blood in 3ds max. I USED TO BE THE SHIT. So I thought I could just open it up, and be like LOL PRETTY. But NO, I OPENED IT AND I WAS LIKE SHIIIIIIT

P.S. I'm not an angry person.

Best review eva

oh jeez

2009-04-19 22:11:24 by Aeris

I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER...

Just a little thing to share...

Sometimes you find subliminal messaging in music

Thanks to Gravey on this wonderful little tidbit of information.

oh jeez

I apologize...

2009-01-28 11:50:30 by Aeris

For my crude behavior and the goat-post.

I just remembered that i give my ng account to a few of my teachers xD And that might've turned them away lol

This is bullshit!

2009-01-26 15:24:52 by Aeris


And I sure as hell know that Spill the Sands of Time deserves to be high in the ranking! Whoever the fuck is a dumbass and doesn't know how to write music is better off fucking goats for a living!

This is bullshit!


2009-01-24 01:13:53 by Aeris

My friend Becca spoke to a lady named Sabine who works for the Luxor Casino and Hotel here in Vegas :3 She gave her a few of my songs; Clairvoyance, Sands of Time, Flare, Red Ocean, and Test Subject A. I'm really hoping I can at least get an internship.

Wish me luck!


i'm stuck....

2009-01-11 21:28:30 by Aeris

It appears I'm stuck... I can't seem to think of any songs to write... Baaah, I bet you if i had a monster and a bag of munchos, things would come a lot easier :P

Also, my niece is being a PAIN IN THE FRIGGIN ASS!
i'm just happily sitting here, making random music crap on my laptop when BAM my niece comes flying into the room and insists on playing smash-the-keyboard and lets-slam-things-in-uncle's-face! AND JEEZ!!!

i still love her though C:
(yay 2 year olds)

my grammar sucks... sorry lol

2009-01-08 03:15:18 by Aeris

So I started posting my music on

it's really cool, like newgrounds, but it has more of a professional reviewing system. Of course my heart still belongs to Newgrounds, and I will treat each equally (meaning I will post the same music on both). Anyway, go ahead and check it out, my new page is under my name, Aeris, if you are curious.

And now I get to get up for high school in like 2 1/2 hours... YAY INSOMNIA!!!! (yay energy drinks) NO, i'm not cursed with insomnia because I drink too many energy drinks, I only had one Amp today at like 2:00 so ya... tastes like jolly ranchers in liquid form. C:

Anyway good night, sorry for the lack of uploadage, hadn't had much inspiration lately.


2009-01-02 22:39:15 by Aeris

So it appears somebody deliberately went through and zero-bombed each and every one of my songs... Jerks

Y'know the only reason somebody would zero bomb is cuz their music sucks too much.

I hope this problem gets fixed soon.