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So what's new?

2009-12-06 16:42:15 by Aeris

so what's new yo?

I'm 18 years old, unemployed, and burnt out on trying to find work, so I need a little extra money. I'm making this post to announce that I'm going to start taking in commissions!

Do you need music for your next project, documentary, or film? I'm the perfect guy to go to when you're on a tight budget! Contact me either via Newgrounds or

All prices are thoroughly negotiable, and I'm open to new ideas,

A 5 to 10 minute full length song is $300

A 2 to 5 minute full length song is $175

Packages of different themes for video gaming, films or shows with a theme are $200 per ten minutes made (take Clint Mansell's Requiem for a Dream collection as an example of a package).

If you would like a musical score (with credit), here's how it follows:
Solo or Duet: $75
Quartet, or Quintet: $200
Ensemble of 6 or more: $200 base for 5 instruments, then $50 extra for every fully written part.
e.g. A piece with 12 parts will cost $550, $200 for 5 and $350 for the other 7 parts.

The genres I cover are:

All prices are negotiable and all works are under the Creative Commons License. Basically meaning, you buy the ability to use my work, and I'm still free to do with it what I may.

A sample score of Through the Mist, this piece would be about $600 for the score (15 instruments).

Through the Mist

Also any songs I put on newgrounds are still available for all you flash animators for free, so don't use this as incentive to not giving me credit ^-^;


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2009-12-06 16:44:48

I'll leave a better sample piece later ^-^;


2010-01-16 08:01:59

Haha yeah :D I would really suggest you make a new sample piece, it's kinda like, alright! You can make some quarter notes and whole notes. Thats a good start :D